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Weightlifting Course

Sep 19, 2017
Oct 31, 2017
CrossFit Bedfordview

Let us fix your weightlifting technique

This course is designed to correct any techniques that you might be struggling with in weightlifting.

Sign up for 6 weeks with one of the best weightlifting coaches in South Africa, Andrew Anthony for:

  • A personal assessment of your technique
  • 6 one-hour sessions over 6 weeks, correcting your errors
  • A written and video guide to take away with you reminding you of all the drills you have to do to keep working on improving??
  • A free follow-up session one month later to check progress and make any adjustments needed.

All this for only R1500??

First course starting: Tuesday 19 September 6-7am

Limited spots available (only 4-6 people per course)

Book your spot now. Phone or message Antoinette on 0711499285 or email

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Trainer Profile

Matthew Smith

Crossfitting Since: November 2012

Teaching since: July 2014 (3000+ classes taught)

How did I find CrossFit: To this Day I still don't know, I woke up one morning and just said to myself "I need to do CrossFit". I was already a fitness fanatic before CrossFit. I felt like CrossFit was just the next step on my fitness Journey.

Why CrossFit: I love the constant pursuit of bettering myself and others around me. With CrossFit , there is are always new challenges. Imparting knowledge on someone and helping them achieve their goals is why I do what I do, and CrossFit allows me to do just that.